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Unleashing the Power: Top 9 Longest Sixes in Cricket History

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

Cricket, often referred to as the gentleman’s game, has its moments of sheer power and spectacle. One such awe-inspiring spectacle is the sight of a cricket ball soaring high into the sky, only to land in the stands far beyond the boundary ropes. These colossal hits, known as sixes, are celebrated moments in the sport. In this article, we delve into the realm of the longest sixes in cricket history, highlighting the cricketers who achieved these incredible feats.

The Legendary Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi’s 153-Meter Marvel

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

When we talk about colossal sixes, Shahid Afridi’s name echoes loud and clear. The Pakistani all-rounder, often dubbed ‘Boom Boom Afridi,’ showcased his explosive power against South Africa. In a breathtaking display of brute force, Afridi launched a cricket ball an astonishing 153 meters out of the stadium. This remarkable feat cemented his reputation as one of cricket’s most dangerous players and remains etched in cricketing history.

Brett Lee’s Thunderous Roar

Brett Lee’s 130-Meter Stunner

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

Not just known for his blistering pace, Australian fast bowler Brett Lee also possessed incredible hitting prowess. In a clash against England, Lee unleashed a monstrous strike that sailed 130 meters into the crowd. This incredible hit demonstrated that Lee’s talents extended beyond bowling, leaving cricket enthusiasts awestruck.

Martin Guptill’s Power Surge

Martin Guptill’s 127-Meter Blitz

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

New Zealand’s Martin Guptill, a name synonymous with power-hitting, left his mark with a colossal six against South Africa. His mighty blow traveled a remarkable 127 meters, showcasing his ability to clear the boundary ropes with ease. Guptill’s breathtaking feat is a testament to his explosive batting style.

Liam Livingstone’s English Elegance

Liam Livingstone’s 122-Meter Eruption

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

English cricketer Liam Livingstone entered the record books with a towering six against Pakistan. The ball soared an astonishing 122 meters before landing in the stands. Livingstone’s remarkable display of power and timing left cricket fans in awe and added another chapter to the history of prodigious sixes.

Corey Anderson’s Lightning Strike

Corey Anderson’s 122-Meter Blitz

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

Corey Anderson, known for briefly holding the record for the fastest ODI century, etched his name into the annals of cricket history with a colossal six against India. His massive hit traveled an astounding 122 meters, leaving spectators in disbelief. Anderson’s ability to clear the boundary with such authority is a testament to his extraordinary talent.

Mark Waugh’s Masterstroke

Mark Waugh’s 120-Meter Marvel

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

Mark Waugh, a name synonymous with stylish batting, displayed his incredible power-hitting skills with a memorable six against New Zealand. The ball sailed a breathtaking 120 meters, showcasing Waugh’s exceptional prowess with the bat. This remarkable feat will forever be remembered by cricket aficionados.

Yuvraj Singh’s Stylish Brilliance

Yuvraj Singh’s 119-Meter Elegance

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

Indian cricket legend Yuvraj Singh wowed the cricketing world with his stylish strokeplay. In a clash against Australia, Yuvraj unleashed a six that traveled an elegant 119 meters. His ability to combine power with finesse made this six a thing of beauty, leaving fans in awe of his batting prowess.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Finishing Touch

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s 118-Meter Finish

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, renowned for his cool demeanor and finishing skills, displayed his raw power with a colossal six against New Zealand. The ball soared an impressive 118 meters, a testament to Dhoni’s ability to accelerate the scoring in the final stages of an innings. His finishing skills were not limited to singles and twos, as this remarkable hit proved.

Chris Gayle’s Dominance

Chris Gayle’s 116-Meter Crusher

Longest Sixes in Cricket History

Chris Gayle, known for his powerful hitting, registered a 116-meter six against India. The West Indian cricketer’s ability to send the ball into the stratosphere is legendary. This massive hit against India added to Gayle’s reputation as one of the most destructive hitters in the game.


In the world of cricket, the sight of a cricket ball sailing over the boundary ropes for a six is a moment of pure magic. These cricketers, including the legendary Shahid Afridi, the thunderous Brett Lee, the stylish Yuvraj Singh, and the mighty Chris Gayle, have etched their names in history with their colossal hits. These longest sixes are not just displays of power but also testaments to the incredible talent and skill that make cricket such a beloved sport.

So, the next time you witness a cricket ball soaring high into the sky, remember these iconic moments that have left an indelible mark on the sport of cricket.


What is the significance of hitting a long six in cricket?

Hitting a long six in cricket is a testament to a batsman’s power and timing. It not only adds valuable runs to the team’s total but also entertains cricket enthusiasts with its spectacle.

Who holds the record for the longest six in international cricket history?

Shahid Afridi’s 153-meter six against South Africa was the longest recorded six in international cricket.

Are there any other notable long sixes in cricket history?

Yes, there have been several other remarkable long sixes in cricket history, each showcasing the batsman’s exceptional skill and power. Some notable examples include Brett Lee’s 130-meter six, Martin Guptill’s 127-meter six, and Chris Gayle’s 116-meter six, among others.

What factors contribute to a batsman’s ability to hit long sixes?

Hitting long sixes in cricket requires a combination of power, timing, and technique. Batsmen need to generate significant bat speed and connect with the ball’s sweet spot to achieve maximum distance.

Has anyone hit a six out of the stadium in international cricket?

Hitting a six out of the stadium is an exceedingly rare feat in international cricket. Shahid Afridi’s 153-meter six is one such exceptional instance where the ball cleared the stadium boundaries. Chris Gayle’s 116-meter six also came close to achieving this incredible feat.

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