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Rohit Sharma vs Chris Gayle: Six-Hitting Comparison

Rohit Sharma vs Chris Gayle

Rohit Sharma vs Chris Gayle: Two iconic names that frequently come to mind when discussing six-hitting prowess are Rohit Sharma and Chris Gayle. Let’s compare the statistics of these two cricketing giants side by side, format-wise, to see how they measure up in terms of their six-hitting abilities.

Rohit Sharma vs Chris Gayle

Test Cricket

TestRohit SharmaChris Gayle
Matches Played52103
Total Runs36777214
Highest Score212333
Total Sixes7798

In Test cricket, both Rohit Sharma and Chris Gayle have shown their mettle, with Gayle having more matches and a higher highest score, but Rohit maintaining a better batting average.

One Day Internationals (ODIs)

ODIRohit SharmaChris Gayle
Matches Played253301
Total Runs1024310480
Highest Score264215
Total Sixes297331

In the world of ODIs, Rohit Sharma boasts more runs, a higher highest score, and a superior batting average, along with an impressive number of sixes.

T20 Internationals (T20Is)

T20Rohit SharmaChris Gayle
Matches Played14879
Total Runs38531899
Highest Score118117
Total Sixes182124

In the high-paced T20 format, Rohit Sharma maintains a better average and has hit more sixes than Chris Gayle.


Rohit Sharma has hit a total of 556 sixes in international cricket, while Chris Gayle has launched a staggering 553 sixes.

While Rohit Sharma boasts a slightly higher number of international sixes, it’s important to remember that both of these cricketing legends have entertained fans around the globe with their incredible power and precision in sending the ball soaring into the stands.

In the end, the numbers and statistics are just a small part of their legacy. Rohit Sharma vs Chris Gayle has not only rewritten the record books but has also captured the hearts of cricket enthusiasts with their unforgettable performances. These two extraordinary athletes have enriched the game and have provided cricket lovers with countless memories to cherish.


Who has more international centuries, Rohit Sharma or Chris Gayle?

Rohit Sharma and Chris Gayle have had distinguished international careers, with Rohit Sharma having more international centuries than Chris Gayle.

What is the highest individual score by Rohit Sharma in ODIs?

Rohit Sharma’s highest individual score in ODIs is 264 runs, a record-breaking performance in the history of the game.

How many sixes has Chris Gayle hit in T20Is?

Chris Gayle has hit a total of 124 sixes in T20 Internationals, showcasing his remarkable power-hitting abilities.

Who has a better batting average, Rohit Sharma or Chris Gayle?

In terms of batting average, Rohit Sharma holds a higher average compared to Chris Gayle in all formats of international cricket.

Which format of the game do Rohit Sharma and Chris Gayle enjoy the most success in?

Rohit Sharma enjoys the most success in One Day Internationals (ODIs), while Chris Gayle has made his mark in the Twenty20 format.

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