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Virat Kohli vs Trent Boult: A Cricketing Duel

Virat Kohli vs Trent Boult

Virat Kohli vs Trent Boult: A Cricketing Saga Unveiled

In the realm of cricket, where legends are forged and battles etched into history, the rivalry between Virat Kohli and Trent Boult stands as a testament to the sport’s enduring intensity. As the cricketing world looks on with bated breath, their encounters on the pitch have become legendary, showcasing the clash between a batting maestro and a bowling virtuoso. Let’s delve into this enthralling saga that has enthralled fans worldwide.

Test Cricket: A Battle of Grit

Virat Kohli vs Trent Boult

2012 – Kohli’s Early Test Challenge

In 2012, a young Virat Kohli faced the might of Trent Boult in the Test arena. Kohli scored 53 runs off 73 balls, displaying his early promise. This encounter saw Kohli facing 53 dot balls, hitting 9 boundaries, but he couldn’t clear the ropes. His strike rate stood at 72.6.

2014 – A Struggle for Kohli

In 2014, Kohli faced Boult once again but found the going tough. Scoring 32 off 60 balls, Kohli struggled against Boult’s precision. He managed 48 dot balls, hitting 6 boundaries, but once again failed to hit a six. His strike rate dropped to 53.3.

2016 – A Mixed Bag

The year 2016 witnessed a mixed performance. Kohli scored 47 off 85 balls in one encounter but was dismissed twice. He faced 56 dot balls, hit 6 boundaries, and had a strike rate of 55.3. This year showed glimpses of his potential but also his vulnerability against Boult.

2020 – A Forgettable Year

The year 2020 was forgettable for Kohli as he managed to score just 12 runs off 24 balls. He faced 18 dot balls and couldn’t find the boundary. His strike rate plummeted to 50.0.

2021 – A Modest Comeback

In 2021, Kohli scored 12 runs off 24 balls without hitting a boundary. However, he managed to avoid getting out. His strike rate remained at 50.0.

Overall Test Performance

In total, Kohli faced Boult in Test matches, scoring 144 runs off 250 balls. He was dismissed thrice and faced 183 dot balls. Kohli hit 21 boundaries but failed to clear the ropes. His average against Boult in Test cricket stood at 48.0, with a strike rate of 57.6.

ODI Cricket: Kohli’s Dominance

Virat Kohli vs Trent Boult

2016 – Kohli’s Brilliance

In 2016, Kohli displayed his dominance in the ODI format against Boult. He scored 70 runs off 52 balls, hitting 9 boundaries and 1 six. His strike rate was an impressive 134.6.

2017 – Maintaining Consistency

In 2017, Kohli continued his good run against Boult, scoring 44 runs off 45 balls. He hit 3 boundaries and 1 six, maintaining a strike rate of 97.8.

2019 – A Rare Struggle

The year 2019 saw Kohli facing some challenges as he managed only 7 runs off 23 balls and was dismissed thrice. His strike rate dropped to 30.4, with an average of 2.3.

Virat Kohli vs Trent Boult

Overall ODI Performance

In total, Kohli faced Boult in ODIs, scoring 121 runs off 120 balls. He was dismissed thrice and faced 54 dot balls. Kohli hit 12 boundaries and 2 sixes, maintaining an average of 40.3 and a strike rate of 100.8.

T20I and Twenty20: Brief Encounters

Virat Kohli vs Trent Boult

T20I – Explosive Start

In T20Is, Kohli faced Boult only once in 2017 and scored 16 runs off 7 balls, hitting 2 boundaries and 1 six. His strike rate was an astounding 228.6.

Twenty20 – Varied Performances

In the Twenty20 format, Kohli’s encounters with Boult spanned from 2015 to 2023. While he had some impressive performances, the format’s unpredictability showed as well. Notably, in 2018, Kohli scored 17 runs off 10 balls with a strike rate of 170.0. However, in 2023, he was dismissed without scoring a run.


The battles between Virat Kohli and Trent Boult have been a treat for cricket enthusiasts. While Kohli has shown his class and dominance in limited-overs formats, Boult has posed challenges to him in Test cricket. These encounters highlight the dynamic nature of cricket and how every match between these two cricketing giants is eagerly anticipated.


Who has the upper hand in Test cricket, Kohli, or Boult?

In Test cricket, Trent Boult has had some success against Virat Kohli, dismissing him multiple times. However, Kohli has also shown his batting prowess in these encounters.

What is Virat Kohli’s average in ODIs against Trent Boult?

Virat Kohli has an average of 40.3 in ODIs against Trent Boult.

How many times has Virat Kohli been dismissed by Trent Boult in T20Is?

Virat Kohli has been dismissed once by Trent Boult in T20Is.

Which year did Kohli have his highest strike rate in T20Is against Boult?

Kohli had his highest strike rate of 228.6 in T20Is against Boult in 2017.

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